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Golf and Tennis in Bandera Texas

Our First Post COVID Golf Vacation has been booked. We are headed to the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera Texas, to soak up some country and western vacation vibes, and hopefully play a round or two on the Flying L Ranch.

The Flying L didn’t make our Hotels under 80 website, but it features a wide variety of activities, and what looks like a cool cabin for a reasonable rate on New Year’s. They have fishing, tennis, basketball, shoes, and other activates on site, and can hook you up most of the time with a horseback ride.  We are packing up the new SUV with all our sports toys, and praying for a little Texas Hill Country snow to help close out 2020 with a bang.


Cronovirus (COVID-19) Update - The Vacine is here

Golf vacations and golf resorts are still one of the best options for a social distancing and safe fun times. We have taken our clubs with us just about every time we have hit the road in 2020, even though most of our trips were sort of lame, and many times not a vacation. We have been hitting some local muni courses, but have not had a chance to book at a nice resort in a long time. We are also ClubCorp members, and many of those golf courses have been closed to non-club members.  Hopefully 2021 will be different.  Winter his now here, so we are going to be planning our trips to the warmer states, Texas and New Orleans, and Florida are all on the agenda. Maybe an early trip to Vegas as well. Our Vegas trip was one of the first things we had to cancel because of Corona Virus.

    The vaccine is here and it's time to start looking at booking vacations for 2021. Golf courses offer more "social distancing" than many other activities, So you might have a better chance of finding one open. Be sure to call ahead right before you depart.
If you do decide to stay in a resort, see our ideas on how you might lessen your exposure.

Well are you looking primarily for a place to play golf with a convenient place to stay, or a nice hotel that offers a chance to play golf? Literally thousands of both out there. Here's a few ideas...


Houston – The Woodlands
A super poche golf and tennis resort located on the north side of Houston. This place has an outstanding pool complex with slides and a lazy river. 2 Championship Golf Courses, Clay Tennis Courts, a Full blown spa, dining, and access to kayaks and SUP. This a world class full service resort located in the heart of Houston.


Galveston Moody Gardens
Not your typical Golf Resort style hotel to make
 the Hotel with Golf top destinations list. The Moody Gardens is a family friendly hotel and entertainment center that has a public golf course,, right next to it. It’s Hotels with Golf, muni style.


The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs

One of the traditional gems of US golf and hotel resorts located in the Colorado Rockies. A gigantic resort with all the finest of amenities, they even have alpine sleds to race down the mountain after a morning on the links.


Suncadia resort – Washington

Located about 50 miles east of the Seattle metro area, this mountain retreat features 3 championship courses with spectacularly mountain views and course elevation to test your game.


 Playa-azul hotel in Cozumel

Playa-asul hotel Playa-azul hotel in Cozumel, Mexico. This 3 star hotel offers FREE unlimited green fee ($30 cart fee) access to the near by Jack Nicholas designed Cozumel Golf and Country Club. The hotel is decent and well run, and modestly priced. What's strange about it is the golf course.


golf course hole The club offered free nice Nike club rentals as well, so we paid just $15 each. We booked the hotel for the scuba diving, but couldn't pass up the chance to play golf in the afternoons at that price. Having brought no golf balls, we purchased them at the club, at $4 each. When we ask for 4 balls each, the staff laughed out loud. They also strongly suggested we by insect propellant, which was also quite expensive.

Once on the course, we discovered the fairways are pretty hard and generally sloped in the middle, so if you don't hit them in the middle, your ball tends to roll of to one side. There's no rough, just impenetrable jungle Finding your ball is mostly impossible, even if your brave enough to walk past the "danger! Alligators" signs. Ran out of balls around the 10th hole, but we were tired and decided to buy balls in town and play again tomorrow. Uh Uh, there's no place to buy balls in Cozumel, except the club. Did find some entrepreneurs that sold us some used ones. So bring balls with you if you go...

In the West

golf course sedona, az Golf on the Rocks... Sedona, Arizona is a fabulous place to visit. The weather is generally good with low humidity and mild temperatures due to the altitude of 4300 feet. You will feel 10 years younger watching your golf ball sail in the thinner air! If you play tennis, be sure to buy the "high altitude" balls, or all your shots will go long. You can find nearby hotels here.


canyonlands golf course Golf uphill. The Canyonlands ski area in Park City, UT has a golf course that snakes up the mountain. Rising over 550 feet, it even has one hole with a 300 foot rise. Only accessible in the summer, usually opening in late may, it's in the historic town of Park City, UT, which has fantastic outdoor activities year round.


By the water

cypress bend golf course  Cypress Bend is a very nice course on the east side of the Toledo Bend lake, which divides Texas and Louisiana. A very nice course, moderately challenging and a decent hotel. Weather is generally mild year round, especially in the winter. Rates are reasonable, and the staff is very friendly. Fishing is fair on the lake, but water skiing is very limited, as most of the trees were left when the lake was built to provide cover for the fish.


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